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designer shoes - jimmy chooOh, how I love shoes. I really, really love them. My husband tells me that I have far too many pairs of designer shoes. "Why do you need so many?" He asks me. "I never even look at your feet!" Maybe you have the same problem with your boyfriend or husband? Maybe he just doesn't understand how precious and necessary your designer shoes are. Let me talk you through some of the babies in my designer shoe collection.

Well, I'll start with my Christian Louboutin shoes. Ooh, they're so gorgeous! I have the Architek slingbacks. They're constructed from 100% top quality leather (and they are a construction, the heels are sooo high but at 5' 2'' I need all the elevation I can get) . They have a lovely peep toe which tantalisingly displays the red colour of the sole between my toe cleavage. I really feel like a million dollars when I wear these shoes.

Christian Louboutin ArchitekOther items of my favourite footwear include my pink Emu Stinger Hi Sheepskin Boots - so comfy and toasty in cold weather when walking round the shops. I also have three lovely pairs of Karen Millen boots, in pink suede, blue suede and a sexy pair in red patent leather. Let me not forget to mention my stunning gold leather platform soled Pura Lopez shoes, and of course my sparkly Swarovski Ginas, the signature style from a beautiful brand of shoes.

Buying shoes is easy and fun to do online, and if you have personal experience of a brand you are virtually guaranteed of getting the correct size when you order online. Plus you can try the shoes on in your own home, at your leisure. You avoid having to rummage through boxes with hoards of other shoppers, especially when it's sale time. In addition, if you are unfortunate enough to buy some shoes that aren't in designer shoes - marc jacobsthe correct size, you can return them for a refund, as purchases online are governed by the distance selling regulations that give you a seven day cooling off period. You may have to pay the cost of postage to return the shoes, unless they were not as described in which case the postal cost should also be refunded.

The only exception to the above is if you have purchased your shoes at an online auction. You have no legal right to a refund unless the seller is a registered business and you bought the shoes using a "Buy it now" option - in other words, it wasn't really an auction. Auctions can be good places to buy designer shoes, but you should be aware that you will not enjoy the same protection as buying from an online store.

designer shoes - pedro garciaIn these credit crunching times, saving money is really important. Hopefully on this site I will be able to save you money on the most essential of purchases for us girls - our designer shoes. My advice is to always buy online using your credit card, so you will get the legal protection that is afforded to you under the Consumer Credit Act, 1974. This means that if the company you buy from goes bankcrupt before you receive your goods, the credit card company will refund your money. You do not get this additional protection if you pay with a debit card - that is, a card where the payment is debited directly from your current account.

If any coupon or voucher become available to me, as they do from time to time, I will post them on this site so that you can take advantage of them. Coupon codes are usually only valid for a short period of time, so use them straight away to avoid disappointment. All expiry dates will be quoted along with the coupon code, so you know if they are still valid before making a purchase.


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